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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
August 14, 2020  

UAS in the News
Nationwide BVLOS waiver granted to K-State Polytechnic Campus
 Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus's Applied Aviation Research Center has received a new waiver from the FAA that permits K-State Polytechnic to fly unmanned aircraft beyond visual line of sight in all Class G airspace nationwide

PrecisionHawk Says It's Patented Unmanned Air Traffic Control. That's Par For Course In The Drone Industry.
PrecisionHawk trumpeted it's patented unmanned air traffic management syttem. In other sectors this might be news akin to former Vice President Al Gore's assertion that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet." But in the drone industry,...

Q&A: The Quickly Evolving UAS Mapping Market
SenseFly's CEO Gilles Labossière shares his views on the latest trends in the market, new technical developments and further changes and challenges geospatial professionals have to take into account now that UAVs have become a standard tool for...
Technology Spotlight
Wireless drone biosensor system for detecting airborne biological hazards
Naval Surface Warfare Center - Corona Division

Navy scientist have invented a drone-biosensor system capable of detecting the presence of hazardous agents without putting a person in danger of contamination or exposure.

The patented technology is available via patent license agreement to companies that would make, use, or sell it commercially.

Contact: Sean Patten, CLP
Phone: 406-994-7721

Navy tech optimizes UAV flight path for imagery collection
Upcoming UASCI Events
2020 UAS Tech Forum Goes Virtual with New Dates
September 9-10, 2020
Regarded as the anchor event for the Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative (UASCI), a program funded through a contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Tech Forum attracts a wide array of public and private sector professionals and leaders involved in the unmanned aerial systems industry.

Drone Ports: Unlocking the Economic Potential for Your Community at XPONENTIAL (Virtual)
October 5, 2020
Dallas, TX
Discover how Droneports are becoming an epicenter for regional UAS activities. Learn from industry leaders and visionary communities about how Droneports are serving as nodes for testing, training and commercial drone operations by obtaining permissions for flight, and providing facilities for housing, maintenance, fueling, piloting of fleets and more.

Co-located virtual event
Upcoming Industry Events
World UAV Federation - NEW DATES
August 20-22, 2020
Shenzhen, China
WORLD UAV FEDERATION was established in June 2017 by Mr. Jincai Yang (Chairman); its unveiling ceremony was held on October 31, 2017 in Shenzhen, China. Up to the current, the chapters include: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, Australia...

Counter UAS Summit - NEW DATES
August 31 - September 2, 2020
Washington D.C.
IDGA is proud to announce the launch of the 4th Counter UAS Winter Summit! Over the past three successful years our winter edition of the Counter UAS Series has become the premier stop for military and industry professionals who need to learn about...

Commercial UAV Expo Americas -VIRTUAL
September 15-17, 2020
Virtual Event
Following a record-breaking event in 2019, with more than 200 exhibitors and 3,100 drone professionals from 54 countries, North America's leading trade show and conference focused on commercial drone integration and operation will take place...

October 5-8, 2020
Virtual Event
AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2020 is the global stage for everything unmanned — from state-of-the-art propulsion technology, sensors, energy storage and UAS mitigation solutions to what's coming over the horizon in AI, 5G, edge computing and more..

UAS Summit & Expo - NEW DATES
October 13, 2020 - October 14, 2020
Grand Forks, ND
The UAS Summit & Expo started as a small gathering of regional stakeholders. Now, 14 years later, the event in the Northern Plains of North Dakota has become a yearly major event for UAS experts from around the world. It's the original epicenter of...

2nd Annual Monterey Bay Drone, Automation & Robotics Technology (DART) Symposium - VIRTUAL
October 19-23, 2020
Virtual Event
The Symposium will feature a week of compelling talks, workshops, networking and inspiration. This world-class event will build on the momentum generated at the first Symposium, highlight cutting edge technologies being used and developed to address...

The World of Drones and Robotics Congress
November 12-13, 2020
Brisbane, Australia
The World of Drones Congress® is the largest drone Congress in the Asia Pacific region, connecting stakeholders with the latest industry developments, applications and policies. This year the event becomes The World of Drones and Robotics Congress®...

InterDrone - NEW DATES
December 15-17, 2020
Dallas, TX
Join thousands at the Next Destination for Commercial Drones
Virginia launches Flight Information Exchange to improve drone safe
Traffic Technology Today | 08/13/2020
Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is one of the key stakeholders in a new project to enable sharing of information about unmanned aerial systems (UAS), to address key safety and policy concerns while keeping the airspace open, secure, and...

Santa Maria Police catch stabbing suspect in first-ever drone arrest
Santa Maria Times | 08/12/2020
For the first time in department history, Santa Maria Police used a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, to seek out a suspect hiding in the riverbed over the weekend. 

Griffiss Airport to conduct NASA drone research
Utica Observer-Dispatch | 08/11/2020
NASA plans to use drones for future cargo transport and air travel, and Griffiss International Airport in Rome, N.Y., is going to help.

Israeli drones help Florida power plant spot storm damage
ISRAEL21c | 08/11/2020
As the annual hurricane season hits Florida, Israeli-made autonomous drones are helping the state's major power utility keep customers connected.

PrecisionHawk awarded two patents for its UTM technologies
AUVSI News | 08/11/2020
PrecisionHawk has been awarded two patents for technologies it has developed for UAS traffic management (UTM).

UAS used to remotely inspect runway at Cranfield Airport in England
AUVSI News | 08/10/2020
For the first time, UAS were used to remotely inspect the runway at Cranfield Airport, which is located just outside the village of Cranfield, in Bedfordshire, England. 

A holographic drone control system has appeared
Free News | 08/08/2020
Scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have presented a new interface for controlling drones. It uses holographic augmented reality hardware to create 3D terrain maps in real-time.

US Transportation Secretary Chao announces $3.3 million in seven drone grants to universities
American Journal of Transportation | 08/06/2020
U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced recently that the Federal Aviation Administration is awarding $3.3 million in research, education and training grants to universities that comprise the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through...

What's in the Air Overhead: Xcel Energy Launches UAS Inspection Mission
Ark Valley Voice | 08/06/2020
Xcel Energy has announced an initiative to deploy multiple UAS to inspect and photograph utility lines in its Chaffee County CO service area.

NASA Small Business Partnership Prepares Drone for 30-Day Science Flights
NASA | 08/05/2020
With the help of NASA's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley, Swift Engineering of San Clemente, California, completed a two-hour flight test of their Swift High-Altitude Long-Endurance (HALE) UAS. The applications of the technology –...

The U.S. Military Wants Start-Ups to Help It Build Better Drones and Robots
The National Interest | 08/04/2020
Northrop Grumman and hundreds of small technology defense firms are making new efforts to fast-track robotics and autonomous systems to war, by seeking new, non-traditional, start-up firms to explore unique new innovations. 

With this new sensor, Blackjack drones can monitor an entire city at once
C4ISRNet | 08/03/2020
A new wide-area motion imagery sensor could make the R1-21A Blackjack an even more powerful tool for the war fighter, allowing the small UAV to simultaneously monitor 5 square miles.

Skyborg Drone: How The U.S. Air Force Wants to Merge Man and Machine
The National Interest | 08/01/2020
In an interview, the Air Force acquisitions chief explained that Skyborg will bring "intelligent mass" to air battles by integrating artificial intelligence with piloted aircraft to maintain the United States' competitive advantage in the air.

Drones for this Hurricane Season: Getting States Ready
DRONELIFE | 07/31/2020
In a recent webinar hosted by AUVSI NC, a panel of experts gave their best advice to state agencies preparing to use UAV for hurricane response.

EHang Launches a Firefighting Drone for High-Rise Fires
DroneLife | 07/31/2020
The world's leading passenger drone platform is not introducing an entirely new aircraft, but a new application. EHang is launching a new version of the EHang 216 as a firefighting drone, specially designed for high-rise firefighting.

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