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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
  May 30, 2023

Spotlight: Lab to Business Showcase on June 21st, Tribal Emerging Aerospace Growth Accelerator (TEAGA), Rethink Vertical Podcast,

Don't miss the June 21st UASCI Lab to Business Showcase

Register today for the Lab to Business Showcase on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 at 1:00 pm CT, featuring some of the latest and greatest technologies from DOD research labs.. This is an online event with no cost to register at: and attend.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you already know that staying up-to-date with the latest technologies is key to staying competitive. That is where Federal Lab and DOD advanced manufacturing technologies come in. If you're looking for opportunities to improve your structure design and capabilities, these cutting-edge technologies have applications in aerospace, and they show current advances that can help you take your business to the next level.

We also understand that you might already be working with a preferred manufacturing partner and supplier, we encourage you to forward them this information and registration. They can also benefit from attending this free online event.

We understand that in today's economy, every penny counts. That's why we're committed to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive by offering FREE access to this showcase event. So don't miss out on this opportunity! Register today to secure your spot and gain access to the latest and greatest in DOD research on Autonomous Agents, Swarm Technologies, and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

    Technologies to be presented include:
  1. Autonomous Agents to efficiently manage scheduling and tasks across a group of autonomous vehicles or service agents, such as UAVs or UUVs. Technology can be scaled for any number of service and transport agents.
  2. System for individual autonomous agents or vehicles to resolve task and schedule conflicts while preserving goals and objectives of fleet.
  3. Counter swarm interception with self-organizing, sacrificial UAV's.
  4. An additive manufacturing system and method that includes real-time, in- process monitoring and measurement for quality managementof additive manufacturing (AM) operations.
  5. Improved Slicer algorithms for structure design, strength and stiffness of 3D printing.
  6. Manufacturing process to generate foams made from amorphous hollow spheres to build cellular structures that are lightweight, high-strength and stiffness, and shock absorbing. Also buoyant.
  7. Method of manufacturing a composite part that is toughened and self-healing without introducing additional weight.

TechLink will also provide information on how they can support you in licensing existing DOD technologies or collaborating with DOD labs to co-develop new technologies.

To register for this event, please go to
For questions or more information, please contact Jack James at
More details may be found at the UASCI events listing

Participate in the Tribal Emerging Aerospace Growth Accelerator (TEAGA).

UASCI is working with ecosystem partners to bring opportunities to traditionally underserved tribal nations. Through the creation of the Tribal Emerging Aerospace Growth Accelerator (TEAGA), tribal nations can create a cohesive strategy to capitalize on the rapidly growing emerging aerospace industry. By forging new alliances across industry, academia, and small business support organizations, the partnership can build bridges for tribal members to participate in new and exciting ways.

UASCI is seeking tribal and entrepreneurial support partners to help catalyze this important work. If you'd like to be involved, please contact Emily Bell at

Listen to the Rethink Vertical Podcast

The Rethink Vertical podcast, brought to you by the UAS Cluster Initiative, brings you emerging aerospace industry insight, without the fluff. These immersive conversations highlight where the industry is today and how it will shape the technology of tomorrow.

Join host Craig Mahaney on the third Thursday of every month as he interviews the industry's most innovative thinkers and doers.

You can access the Rethink Vertical Podcasts at: Rethink Vertical Podcast.

UASCI is creating an environment where unmanned aviation startups can thrive, connect with innovative networks, access global capital, discover national technologies and learn from proven tech industry leaders.
Upcoming UASCI Events
Lab to Business Showcase featuring DOD technologies
June 21, 2023

UASCI Private Industry Advisory Council Meeting (by invitation)
July 2023 - date TBD
Upcoming Industry Events
Paris Airshow
June 19 - 25, 2023
Paris, France

EAA Air Venture Oshkosh
July 24 - 30, 2023
Oschkosh, WI

FAA Drone Symposium
August 1-2, 2023
Baltimore, MD

Thunderbird Drone Festival
August 25 & 26, 2023
Woodward, OK

Commercial UAV Expo
September 5-7, 2023
Las Vegas, NV
Policy News
FAA proposes new rules for VTOL operations and pilots
JD Supra | 06/09/2023
The future of advanced air mobility, with air taxis transporting passengers to and from key hubs, is closer than many think.

The Drone Industry Wants a BVLOS Rule. The Public Isn't So Sure.
dronelife | 06/08/2023
Federal docket FAA-2023-1256, issued in May, calls for public comments on a proposed rule on four requests for commercial operations beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS), performed at or below 400 feet in altitude.

US proposes training, pilot certification rules for air taxis
Reuters | 06/07/2023
The U.S. aviation regulator said on Wednesday it was proposing comprehensive training and pilot certification rules for flying taxis, electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL), which have been touted as the future of urban air mobility.

Drones, classroom AI, and EV mandates make for a busy week in Washington
Tech Brew | 06/02/2023
The White House isn't letting Congress have all the AI-regulating fun—last week it announced a slew of initiatives, including a discussion with workers and other stakeholders about how employers use automation to monitor them and seeking public...

How Congress is Rushing to Develop AI-Enhanced Drones for Maintaining National Security Superiority against China?
Alaska Commons | 06/02/2023
Legislation that is currently in progress in the US House of Representatives would provide millions of dollars for research into incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into drone technology to keep the US ahead of China in this increasingly...
Research News
Intelligent Drone Swarms Could Mimic Bird Flocks: New Research from University of Houston
dronelife | 06/07/2023
University of Houston Team Working to Develop Intelligent Drone Swarms
Industry Headlines
Stuck In Traffic? You Could Be Flying
Chief Executive | 06/12/2023
Dozens of companies are working toward vertical landing and takeoff planes that cut costs and emissions. A look at what's in the offing for future air travel.

How Were Drones Used During WWI and WWII?
Flying | 06/06/2023
Military drones as we know them actually originated more than a century ago.

Overcoming Product Development Challenges in Today's UAM Market
Commercial UAV News | 06/02/2023
Today, innovators like Airbus, Volocopter GmbH, and Urban Aeronautics are making headlines with their unveiling of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOLs). Although still in its infancy, the global urban...

Double Box Tail Drone for Stability and Control: DBT Aero Flies 3D Printed Swyft [VIDEO]
dronelife | 06/01/2023
Emerging aircraft leader DBT Aero has demonstrated its Double Box Tail (DBT) technology through the successful test flight of a 3D printed Group 1 UAS. This is the company's third successful subscale demonstrator of their manned prototype, having...

What is digital airspace? Explore the opportunities of a new horizon
Ericsson | 06/01/2023
Did you know that extending cellular connectivity to the skies can save lives? Or enable sustainable transport for the future – and safe drone deliveries to your door? Join us as we explore digital airspace and all the opportunities this exciting...

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